The dictator use elimination & deafemation

The  dictator use elimination & deafemation meassures to maintain of further power socially and politically transform a country small group (The dictator &his association who at specific moment make discrete decision to expell kill or torture to eliminate democratic forces .The Bazit dictator use eliminationism is the extension of political power .Issaise pursue elimination and deafemation poliicies since (MATER OF EVIL SELFE NASENET) only he believe these policies will succeed at enhancing his own power or furthering cherished goals that is the only believethe benefits to himselves will out weigh the costs .Dictator issaise relay on his militaries to stay in power .Issaise do not understand his elimination policies would trigger the distruction of their country .The red sea junta leaderone of primitive thuggish as well as cruel and illiterate dictator in the world we must know no dictator tolerate any rivals Lets talk about Tigrina speaker dictator forget about his clown puppet .Issaise political career has been marked by wide -eyed fraud which he was puppet of the C.I.A nd has been paved and painted with human blood up to now .Shortly after he formed his organization (THE master of evil SElfe Nasenet he orderd murders of his political opponents (DEmocratic forces ) .40 years of drinking from the drum of power and still issaise has not have enough of power ‘s dregs .Nowadays issaise use to ride the high horse of absolute power .The red sea junta leader turned out to be one of the most cruel leader that Eritrean have ever known .Eductation make a little or no difference in tyrannical conduct .History reveals all dictator have the same fate it is only the matter of the time.whatever Issaise may be thinking he need to face the mirror of reality that reflects the morbid and sordid faces of by gone tyrants.

We believe of by the government in which suprime power is vested in the people and govern by the rule of low that legal principles applying ordinery law and fundamental right of citizens (freedom of the person)freedom of association ,freedom of speech all are rooted in the natural low and constituional law that protection of human right and election of political representatives.Not a dictator with hitlersque characters tha invade all our neighbour that brought instablity of the entire region and hide the river of blood behind a curtain of independence and he justfy his cruelty as the price to pay for Eritrean unity.we must reject dictatorship in our motherland dictatorship never ever worked in the world politic so then why dictatorial regime in Eritrea pamperd so much .n Nothing good come out from dictator because dictator practices everything evil


About yonathans

I am simple ,clear,realistic,time-oriented,and diplomatic.I use all the means and skills I have to try to motivate and remind people to have compassion for the many many families suffering the heavy hand of the government in Eritrea. If I look hard enough into the setting sun My love will laugh with me before the morning comes!!!!!
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